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Home Care Services for Managing Kidney Disease Symptoms

Mar 12, 2018 by Comfort Keepers of Mount Pleasant, SC

Seniors have a higher risk of developing kidney disease due to age, medications, and some other health problems like diabetes. In fact, more than 14 million elderly adults have chronic kidney disease but many don’t even know it. The symptoms of kidney disease are easy to brush off as other health problems or even just a normal part of aging. However, if you or a senior loved one has any of the following potential kidney disease symptoms, schedule a visit with your doctor in the Charleston area to obtain an official diagnosis:

Weakness or Fatigue

When the kidneys begin to fail, a buildup of wastes or anemia, which is a shortage of red blood cells can lead to feelings of weakness or fatigue. If you often worry about your senior loved one’s safety and wellbeing, professional home care is a great solution for help with fall prevention, assistance with personal care, companionship and so much more.

Changes in Urination

Due to the fact that kidneys handle urine, changes in urination are often a sign of kidney disease. Some examples of these urination changes include urine with traces of blood, urine that comes out foamy or bubbly, overwhelming urges to urinate in the middle of the night, and difficulty attempting to urinate. Seniors in Mount Pleasant who develop a sudden change in their urination habits should seek an appointment with a doctor right away.

Shortness of Breath

Additional fluid in the body which can build up in the lungs and anemia can lead to shortness of breath. Shortness of breath is often seen in the later stages of kidney disease and can be scary for seniors who live alone. Having a dedicated home care provider who can help your loved one with household tasks, and help them stay calm if he or she experiences shortness of breath will bring peace of mind to the senior care recipient and family members.

Bad Taste in the Mouth

A consequence of waste buildup in the blood is a bad taste in the mouth. In some cases, a bad taste in the mouth is the result of medications used to treat kidney stones, high blood pressure, and arthritis. Seniors who experience this may refrain from eating or not drink adequate amounts of water. Home care services can include helping seniors make sure they are eating healthy meals and getting enough water every day.

Swollen Feet & Ankles

Decreased kidney function can cause sodium retention which may lead to swollen feet and ankles. Swollen feet and ankles can also be a symptom of chronic leg vein issues, heart disease, or liver disease.

Constant Coldness

Anemia and kidney disease may make someone feel cold even when they are surrounded by warmth. In addition, pyelonephritis or kidney infection may lead to fever and chills.

To determine if you or your older loved one has kidney disease, a doctor can perform basic screening tests. If kidney disease is found, a nephrologist can conduct an evaluation and recommend lifestyle changes or medications that can slow the progression of this condition.

If you have a senior loved one in Mount Pleasant, SC, or in the surrounding areas, who could use some extra help at home contact us or call (843) 310-2841 today to speak with a senior care advisor about the ways that our personalized home care services can help your loved one live comfortably and safely at home. 

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